Keith Johnson, your DJ

As a child of the 70s, Keith Johnson grew up listening to and loving all kinds of music - old and new. Fascinated by the variations of music from our past, he became a student of its evolution into the music of today. Wanting to share his knowledge and love of music led him start Keith Johnson Entertainment in 1990. Somewhere in his collection are the songs you want to hear, even if you haven't heard them in a while.

What makes Keith Johnson such a success as an Entertainer is that he strives to play any request, and his complete music library is available at each event.

Keith features a well-organized event without a lot of talk.

Quality Sound for Perfect Weddings!

Keith uses the best state of the art equipment. This ensures you superior sound quality with a wireless microphone for easy mobility.

The right music for your event!

Keith Johnson has a collection of more than 25,000 song titles from just about every category of music.

Thousands of Parties since 1990!

Keith knows that great entertainment is the key to making your party a success. Read some of Keith's Testimonial letters and notes to find out more.

Serving Southern California Since 1990
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